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From A to Z

From A to Z – we will measure, advise, estimate, design, deliver, install, and provide service.

We offer a comprehensive service, where each order begins with measurements, advice, and the selection of the optimal solution. Based on this, we create a technical and visual design along with a detailed offer. This allows the customer to be aware of the costs and assess the visual end result before making a decision. After the installation is completed, we conduct an inspection in the presence of the investor and provide instructions for use. Additionally, we offer inspections and servicing.


Design is a process that encompasses many aspects aimed at creating a fireplace that not only fulfills heating needs but also enriches the character of the space.

Functionality also plays a crucial role. When designing a fireplace, technical aspects such as chimney access, combustion efficiency, and safety, as well as effective heat distribution, must be considered. The fireplace’s placement in the room is also of significant importance – whether it will be the central point of the living room, an elegant addition to the bedroom, or a relaxing feature on the terrace.

At Łubniańskie Fireplaces, we create custom designs not only based on knowledge and experience but, above all, we focus on the needs and expectations of our clients.


The installation of fire appliances is a complex process that requires precise planning and expert knowledge.

Properly executed installation is crucial for the safe and efficient operation of these devices. 

Therefore, if you are planning the installation of a fireplace or a stove, it is advisable to seek the services of professionals from Łubniańskie Kominki.


Fireplace service is an essential aspect of maintaining their efficiency, safety, and effectiveness.

Regular servicing allows for monitoring the technical condition of the fireplace or stove, identifying potential issues, and maintaining optimal performance.

Therefore, it’s worthwhile to take advantage of the servicing offered by Łubniańskie Kominki and enjoy comfort and safety for many years to come.

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