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Quartz surfaces and Natural stone

Quartz Surfaces

Quartz Surfaces are large-format panels made from a blend of natural materials, primarily quartz, shale clays, granite rocks, and ceramic pigments.

Thanks to advanced technology and high temperatures, these large-format panels are perfectly flat and can be cut to specific dimensions with great precision. Due to their hardness and resistance to wear, this material is often used for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Quartzite composites are resistant to mechanical damage, scratches, and stains, making them a practical and durable solution for heavily used spaces. They come in a diverse range of colors and patterns, allowing them to be matched to various interior styles and arrangements. Different formats and thicknesses ensure optimal material utilization. Thanks to their aesthetics, they can be used not only for countertops but also for floors, walls, or decorative elements. Resistant to weather conditions and unaffected by UV radiation, they find wide application as exterior cladding for building facades, fences, and pools. Their antibacterial properties make them a valued material in the field of hygiene as well.

They can be used, for example, in public spaces such as restaurants, hospitals, or hotels, where safety and ease of cleaning are crucial.

Stain resistant

UV resistance



Resistant to weather conditions

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a unique material that has been used for centuries in interior finishing. Its exceptional properties make it a popular choice in both modern and classic projects. 

Its key characteristics include aesthetics, durability, strength, versatility, and ease of maintenance. Stone is a material with extraordinary qualities that can add elegance, longevity, originality, and enhance the value of any interior.

We make the following items from these materials:

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