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Tiled stoves and kitchen stoves

A tiled stove and kitchen stoves are traditional, elegant, and timeless solutions that add charm and warmth to any interior. They are made of ceramic stove tiles.

Tiled heating devices have many advantages, such as the ability to accumulate heat, which means that even after the fire has gone out, the stove will continue to radiate warmth for hours. Well-planned and constructed stoves can serve as the primary heating for an entire house. Often, such a stove is considered the “heart of the home.” Ceramic stove tiles are available in various patterns, colors, and styles, allowing you to customize the stove or fireplace to individual preferences and tastes.

Meals prepared on a tiled cooker have a completely different flavor, a return to tradition that perfectly fits the “slow food” philosophy. Tiled cookers are typically equipped with a cooking surface and often an oven (baking compartment). They are frequently accompanied by a bread oven in which you can bake homemade bread, roast meats, or make pizza.

Food prepared in such a traditional manner possesses exceptionally delicious flavors that cannot be achieved on an induction cooktop.

Inquire about our tiled stove and cooker offerings – we will provide advice, design, and installation services.

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