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A chimney is the “engine” of a fireplace or any other wood or gas-burning device. A flue chimney is the component responsible for the proper functioning of a fireplace and the venting of combustion gases outdoors.

It operates on the principle of natural air circulation. During the combustion of fuel in the fireplace, combustion gases are produced, which must be effectively removed from the room to prevent poisoning and air pollution. For a chimney to function correctly, it must be appropriately designed and maintained. Its diameter and length must be matched to the firebox it is intended to work with, and it must meet technical requirements in accordance with building and fire safety regulations. 

It’s also important for the steel chimney to be constructed from suitable materials that guarantee its durability and safety.

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A chimney can be an architectural element that enhances the building’s aesthetics and can be painted in any color to emphasize its aesthetic qualities.

Our company specializes in the installation of steel chimneys. We handle the technical adaptation of existing masonry chimneys, to which we install flue liners.

We also engage in the technical adaptation of ceramic system chimneys, involving changes to the positioning of the flue tee or access doors.

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